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Customer Complaints

Dear Valued Customer,

In case you have any complaint on service related concern, kindly follow one of below methods in submitting an official complaint to us. The complaint will be filed and responded accordingly once received by our Complaints Unit.

● Telecommunication via the phone through +971-47031111 or fax to the Bank through +971-47031199;
● Complaint via the electronic channel where you can download the Complaints Form on the and email the completed Complaints Form to the ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Customer Complaints Unit email at;
● Complaint by mail to the ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch address at Level 5, Gate village 01, DIFC, Dubai. PO Box 506856, UAE;
● On-site complaint where you can complete the customer Complaints Form and hand it over to the administrative staff at the ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch office.

Click here to download: Complaints Form