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1. What is the swift code of ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch for inward remittance?
The swift code of ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch is ICBKAEAD.

2. What are the requirements to register for ICBC online banking?
You must hold a Current Account with ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch to register for online banking.

3. How to login the ICBC Dubai (DIFC) Branch E-Banking service?
You can access the website: WWW.ICBCME.AE, and then select the Corporate Banking.

4. Do I have to change my password after first time signing on?
You have to create a new password with 6 to 30 characters. Your password is case sensitive and must be a combination of letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9).

5. What should I do if my login password was frozen?
Your login password will be frozen after 6 continuous unsuccessful attempts when signing, and then you have to visit any of our branches to reset your password.

6. What should I do if I have forgotten my login password for online banking?
You need to visit any of our branches to reset your login password.

7. What is a USB-Shield Certificate? 
USB-Shield Certificate is a patented customer certificate – USB key. It is a high-level security tool offered to help you when using Internet Banking services and acts as a shield to protect your money.

8. How to reset the password for USB-Shield? 
After signing on to Online Banking:
A. Select “Customer Services” from the right-hand navigation menu.
B. Select “Manage USB-Shield” from the left-hand bar.
C. Select “Change USB-Shield Password” to reset the USB-Shield password.

9. What should I do if my USB-Shield is lost or stolen?
You must report to any of our branches and obtain a replacement USB-Shield.

10. Can the bank send USB-Shield to me by mail?
For security reason, customer must pick up the USB-Shield in person at our counter.

11. Is it possible to apply for e-slip more than once via Corporate Internet Banking?    
No. Application can only be submitted once. If you need to check or print out the e-slip, please click "check e-slip" under the function of "A/C Management".

12. How many English or Chinese characters can I fill in for "Purpose" in making payment via Corporate Internet Banking?   
Customers could input 20 letters for English or 10 characters for Chinese.

13. What is e-receipt?    
E-receipt means one certain receipt printed online by the corporate customer to inquiry about the same day and historical transaction details. This receipt is not the delivery evidence of the beneficiary, and please don't keep accounts repeatedly.

14. Where can I find the downloadable standard document for batch payments via Corporate Internet Banking?   
Please visit ICBC website and click the "Download in “customer services” in “E-banking”, download and successfully set up the "client tool". After that you can edit, check and amend your batch payment documents via Corporate Internet Banking. You can also view the batch payment documents of Corporate Internet Banking in Windows Notebook.

15. How to resolve the problem "Failure in establishing security channel" during the transaction via Corporate Internet Banking?    
"443 Security Port" has not opened is the reason of failure. Please proceed again after opening the "Detail Log Switch" at the Client side (Set TPCLILOGDEBUG=1).

16. Why some batch instructions of my company submitted via ICBC Corporate Banking display "Fail the check"?    
The error indicates that the format of the batch file you uploaded is invalid. Please follow the ICBC format to upload the batch file and make sure the format of file must be in text.

17. How to renew the client certificate?    
When you log on the Corporate Internet Banking 3 month before the client certificate is due, the system will automatically remind you of renewing the certificate. There are two methods for renewal at your choice. One is to renew your certificate at the account opening business office where your open the account and the other is to download on your own the certificate by using the certificate administration under the module of customer service function of the Corporate Internet Banking.

18. What types of accounts can be registered at the corporate Internet banking?    
Such corporate accounts as basic account, general account and special account can all be registered at the corporate Internet banking. In addition, loan account and foreign currency account can also be registered (which is for inquiry only and no account transfer is acceptable).